Justin Sweetman

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Justin primarily works in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Australia, New Zealand and major overseas jurisdictions. He also provides advice on patentability, freedom to operate, patent infringement and patent validity and is experienced in the preparation and prosecution of registered design applications and Plant Breeders Rights (Plant Variety Rights) applications. Justin also has experience in producing IP Landscape maps and conducting patent oppositions.

Justin has 12 years experience as a Patent Attorney at two leading Patent Attorney firms in New Zealand. During this time he gained extensive experience in patent protecting his client’s
inventions in diverse fields (including construction, automotive, nutraceuticals, medical devices, food and beverage and nanofiber materials). More recently Justin has gained experience in producing IP landscape mapping using analytical software to visualize competitor activity or potential partners.

Prior to this Justin worked for nine years as a staff scientist in biotechnology companies. First at AgriGenesis Biosciences in New Zealand where he worked on characterizing flowering promoting molecules transported in the phloem and then at CropDesign, Belgium (a subsidiary of BASF) where he led a gene promoter discovery project using cell cycle marker genes. Justin conducted Post-Doctoral research at Syngenta in the UK characterising and optimising an ethanol inducible Alc gene switch in model and crop plants. Justin completed his PhD at the University at Leicester in the UK working on the characterisation and functional analysis of pollen-specific cDNAs encoding MYB and LIM genes from tobacco’. During his PhD studies he held an EMBO fellowship at the IBMP CNRS, Strasbourg, France and worked at the New York University School of Medicine. Justin also worked as a Research
Assistant in the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge in the UK on a project identifying trypanosome chromosomal markers.

Firm: Cullens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys
Areas of law: Commerical Intellectual Property/Copyright Intellectual Property/Franchising