Queensland is home to Australia’s most geographically widespread legal profession. Solicitors practising in Far North Queensland are further from Brisbane than people living in Melbourne. This led to the establishment of 19 District Law Associations which have the opportunity to communicate as often and as closely with QLS as their Brisbane-based colleagues.

The Queensland Law Society recognises the importance of regional solicitors in its efforts to educate and inform the community about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

As Queensland’s second most populous and fastest growing city, the Gold Coast is playing an increasingly influential role in the state and the country’s legal profession. Of the state’s 7,000 solicitors, over 770 practise on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast District Law Association was established in 1963 to support the city’s growing legal profession. Founding members included solicitors from many of the Gold Coast’s oldest and best known firms, including, Benn and Ken Price and Dennis Roobottom (Price & Roobottom Solicitors), Frank McLaughlin and John Gordon (McLaughlin Gordon and Lennon), David Hill and Peter Collas (Hill Collas Bradley and Short, now Short Punch & Greatorix and Collas Moro Ross), Tony Primrose and Alan Couper (Primrose and Couper, now Rudkin Hitchcock and Cronin Shearer) and Tony Steindl (Steindls).

Since those early days, the association has grown to become a highly regarded Gold Coast legal institution.

The Gold Coast District Law Association has the reputation of being one of the most active DLA’s. This stems from the GCDLA’s incorporation in 2000 which led to the statement of clear objectives for the Association.

The objectives of the Gold Coast District Law Association as stated in the constitution are:

1. To promote confidence and goodwill between the community and the legal profession;

2. To promote goodwill between members of the Association;

3. To promote and protect the interests of the legal profession;

4. To protect the interests of the community in relation to the law;

5. The improvement of the state and administration of the Law; and

6. Co-operate in all matters relating to the profession with the Queensland Law Society.

The pursuit of these goals led to the GCDLA bringing a successful action against the local newspaper for its unjust and factually wrong criticism of the legal profession.

The GCDLA publishes an informed monthly newsletter titled ‘IPSO FACTO‘. The newsletter covers cases of interest, changes in legislation and local legal events. IPSO FACTO is available to view and download from our Publications page.

The GCDLA also organises social gatherings and facilitates co-ordination and liaison between the legal profession and the local Universities.

Membership in the Gold Coast District Law Association is open to all Solicitors and Barristers admitted to practise law, Trainee Solicitors, Articled Clerks, Judges, Magistrates, University Law School faculty staff and holders of a law degree certified in Australia. Membership is limited to those who reside or work within the greater Gold Coast region.